What is Photobook+ ?
Photobook+ helps you browse, edit, and share your photos from your iPad, like never before – all the powerful tools you need are at your fingertips using Multi-Touch gestures. Show your creativity in a breakthrough way with tons of frame layouts and powerful, yet easy to use decoration features. Add pictures, maps, text and paintings to your masterpiece.

Just grab a corner of a page and flip it like a real book page. Go back and forth like you would with a physical photo album.

In addition, you can upload your created books to Facebook and Twitter and share your stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

Take pictures with the iPad’s built-in camera or use photos taken by an iPhone via iCloud and Photostream. Synchronize pictures to your iPad or import photos from any digital camera using the stunning Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Utilize the geo data of pictures to show all photos on a world map and browse through them.

Connect your iPad to a television and enjoy great moments on a huge screen with a cinematic slideshow.

Backup all your albums via iTunes File Sharing and restore them on other devices or in any case of emergency.

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Key features in Photobook+
Smart Navigation
☆ Just grab a corner of a page and flip it like paper

Photo album
☆ Add titles, dates, and even the weather to your album’s pages
☆ 47 beautiful frame layouts included to help you organize the pictures on a page
☆ Add a custom frame to your pictures
☆ Customize the album’s appearance if you like
☆ Share your masterpieces with family and friends via Email, Facebook and Twitter
☆ Print your albums wirelessly in high quality on an AirPrint-enabled printer
☆ Connect your iPad to a television and enjoy on a huge screen
☆ Backup & Restore

☆ Freely drag, rotate and resize pictures with a touch of your finger
☆ Take pictures with the iPad’s camera
☆ Use pictures synchronized to your iPad via iTunes
☆ Import pictures from any digital camera using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit
☆ Use photos taken by an iPhone via iCloud and Photostream

☆ Show where you have been with a map
☆ Draw on the map to highlight places
☆ Add pins to the map and locate yourself

☆ Add some text to your pictures
☆ Customize the text’s font, size and color

☆ Get creative and draw something using your fingers

Sharing your masterpiece via
☆ Email
☆ Facebook
☆ Twitter

Photostream requires an iCloud account.
AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer.
AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV or later.

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What is the difference between the Full and Lite version?
You can try a FREE version of Photobook+ Lite that allows you to create one album including 6 pages.
Photobook+ Lite and Photobook+ are two independent programs.
By purchasing the full version, You will enjoy all the functions in it!
– Unlimited albums and pages!
– Full backup & restore mechanisms!
– Export to PDF and Email!
– Continuing Upgrade!
– and many more…

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Does Photobook+ support languages globally ?
Photobook+ is a multi-lingual version. We currently have translations for

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

You can change the language format in iOS Settings:

Settings > General > International > Language

Choose the language you want to use, and tap Done.

If the date & time do not display correctly, Change the settings in Region Format.
Setting Region Format:

Settings > General > International > Region Format

Choose the region you currently live in.

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Is the update free of charge?
Once you have purchased an application, you can download it without any charges. Application updates are a new release that can be downloaded through the AppStore on the iPad or the iTunes Store on your PC.

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Can I re-download it?
There may be times when you accidentally delete a purchased app before you get a chance to back up your purchase. In this case, you can re-download what you have purchased previously on iTunes using your computer or by logging into the AppStore without any charges.

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Warning before you update
Updates may cause loss of data. Please backup your data before installing a new version. We recommend you to back up your contents to iTunes in case of losing your data for unknown reasons while updating.

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Is there an iCloud sync for my albums?
We are planning to add an iCloud option to establish a sync mechanism between iOS devices. Once this is achieved successfully, direct sync will take place automatically with iPhone/iPad, and you will experience a better Photobook+.

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Why does Photobook+ uses Location Services?
Whenever a pictures is added to one of the album’s pages, the pictures will be taken from your photo library. Many pictures contain more information than you can see at your first glance. Beside the timestamp, when a picture was taken, also geo location information are stored in the so called EXIF-data of a picture. When you take pictures with your iPhone or iPad, all these information are automatically stored to the picture.By retrieving a picture from your iPad’s photo album, Photobook+ gets the image including all ‘unvisible’ stored data. Therefore, iOS will ask you, if you allow Photobook+ the usage of location information, since they are stored in the picture’s data.

By denying the usage of Location Services to Photobook+, iOS will not hand out the photo to Photobook+, which is just fair, since most of the pictures contain geo information.

Location Services are generally used to:

  • Retrieve your current position and update the photo’s geo-data with your current position
  • Get access to the geo-data of previously taken pictures
  • Locate you on a map

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How can I enable Location Services?
First, make sure, “Location Services” are enabled in your “General” Settings. Second, make sure to allow Photobook+ the usage of Location Services. Photobook+ asks the first two starts to approve it. (Then it won’t ask again.)
You can enable location services specifically on a per-app level. Make sure, location services are enabled for Photobook+ in the Settings app under General > Location Services.
Location detection works using GPS, WiFi and celltower triangulation (ordered by accuracy). GPS generally achieves best results but only works if the iOS device has a line of sight to enough satellites and thus might not work in indoor locations. In these situations WiFi triangulation is a good backup.

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I cannot share my album’s on Facebook while on 3G. What can I do?
This is a known issue in iOS. Sharing large amounts of data with Facebook using 3G will result in an exceed of the allowed transfer data size. Try sharing large albums using a Wifi connection.

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Why can’t I share multiple pages on Twitter?
If you post something on Twitter it has to fit into a certain amount of data. Usually images, text and urls shouldn’t exceed the data size to fit up to 140 characters. This is usually one image + some description text.

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How can I backup my created albums?
Backup is important to keep a track of your data in case of abrupt malfunction or data loss. Photobook+ users are given the option to use the iTunes File Sharing function and save a backup of all albums onto your computer.

Start Photobook+ on your iOS device > Click Settings > Backup & Restore > Create a backup for me

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How can I restore my albums from a backup?
Restore your data within Photobook+:

Start Photobook+ on your iOS device > Click Settings > Backup & Restore > Select a backup to restore from

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How can I transfer data from the Lite version to a purchased full version?
You can use the backup mechanism of the Lite version. Backup your albums and open iTunes. Connect your iOS device to your computer.

  1. Select your iOS Device > Click Apps > iTunes File Sharing > Photobook+ Lite
  2. Copy the *.pbp file to your Desktop.
  3. Add the copied *.pbp file to the iTunes File Sharing Section of Photobook+.
  4. Start Photobook+ on your iOS device and restore the copied file

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